Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On nature and technique, part I

It's about time we start a series on this subject. Avoiding the typical cliches, prejudices and parochialisms that hinder a serious approach to the theme is difficult, but let's try...
(... this is going to be a long would be great if it initiated a good discussion...)

"Computation, Memory, Nature, and Life" is a mind-boggling text by Autodesk founder John Walker, really, really worth reading.

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Carlos Infantes said...

finally had some time to go thru
the document is exceptional and helps to clarify and put the current situation in perspective.
I took a look at his site and there are a bunch of interesting articles. I must go back to it.
I have not read "A new Kind of Science" or "The Genius Within" yet, but they have made it to the top of my list now.

I will digest some of this and try to bring in some imput when I am not typing while someone is crowling on my back