Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Octupus Surface

Este script identifica una superficie cualquiera e imprime sobre ella una matriz de puntos con los cuales construye una especie de ventana que por un lado tiene una seccion circular y por otro una sección cuadrada. el eje de está ventana es un punto especifico de la matriz por la cúal se calculo la Normal.

dentro del script se han declarado más de 20 variables, todas ellas están relacionadas entre si por lo que una modificación en cualquiera de ellas afecta a todo el conjuunto.
El valor de los cambio es exponencial esto quiere decir que modificar el valor de la variable 1 en una unidad, influriá al final de las Iteraciones en una modificación mucho mayor que la unidad original. de este modo el sistema depende de sus propias reglas.

ver más imagenes en: http://designemergentesudamericano.blogspot.com/2007/07/superficie-reactiva-2.html

Voromuro form Ofice DA

more from de GSD

“Voromuro, 2007.
created by Professor of Architecture Monica Ponce de Leon and Adjunct Professor Nader Tehrani and exhibited on Georges Island, is an intricate structure made with translucent acrylic installed in the elegant interior of the fort’s powder magazine"

I remember a work of Tehrani in 2001 at NY MOMA called "Fabricating Coincidences".
very inspiring.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Picon on Tech Thought

Alireza Razavi just sent me a couple of articles of Antoine Picon.

Since I am now doing a bit of historical research reframing industrial vs. digital thought, I found this one particularly helpful.

"Towards a History of Technological Thought"
(Article published in Robert Fox (éd.), Technological change. Methods and themes in the history of technology, London, Harwood Academic Publishers, 1996, pp. 37-49)

Raphael Navot 2

Looking for a previous work of Navot I discovered this
which imidiatly brought to my mind something you were working on.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

3d voronoi - patio

Here is what we ar doing now, for the Osuna project.
we are dividing the courtyard into smaller spatial cells and assigning a certain density of points to each one of them depending of certain parameters that have to do with the program requirement, light and privacy issues between the different uses that share the space.
then we run the scrip to generate a 3d voronoi, and finally we extract surfaces or volumes from that road map to generate each element needed in the space.
I will post the result of the patio in a week since we have to submit it.
and then you will see, but for now, here is the generic and previous exercise


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Voronoi on sdk

This is our first attempt to program the deformation of a voronoi subdivision on a sdk surface.
so far is only a double projection of a flat voronoi, but we are working on a script to be applied directly to any surface
Yimei, I though you would like this

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


First application of voronoi in the Osuna Project. we are creating a skylight. these are just some of the process work. I will post some more images soon, specially of the prototype we plan to built in a couple of weeks to control the lighting impact on the interior surface.
(w/ DeLab)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Time, presence, absence: house-projects

The house-projects are time-based events that occur in public spaces, in which a group of builders slowly assemble and disassemble an amount of bricks (and the necessary scaffolds) in a period of ten days. They follow a plan of a whole building that is fully accomplished throughout the given period, yet only a part of it is actually built at a given moment. Interactions may occur with passers-by.
Time-lapsed photographs and videos document the process.

By Wolfgang Weileder.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Interactive open-air market

During an interval at the s.o.f. conference, someone showed this video of a good example of interactive architecture in Thailand.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

networked dripping

Newsdrip will be an installation translating keywords and occurrences from online news into water droplets over a semi-drowned mapa-mundi. A beautiful example of how the conceptual and the aesthetic may be inseparable.

By Anneke Pettican and Spencer Roberts.
Other collaborative work involving Anneke can be found at www.brassart.org.uk