Wednesday, March 29, 2006


(ci)... I think what we need is to find a way to look at the 20th century creative process from a complete different point of view. like this new world maps that are free of geografical relationships.
this will allow us to discover links so far unthinkable and to trace a certain secret knoledge (meme) that should tie the two sides of the spectrum (intuition and technology)
so the idea would be to bring in a super data base of creators, art movements, philosophical concepts, etc... and create a new cartography. memegraphy

(ng)... maybe it would help, at the beginning, to restrict ourselves just to the three major "categories" you mention:
creators, art movements, philosophical concepts;
that way, what would matter most would be people, ideas, and how these have interrelated
... well, maybe a fourth "category" - key artworks

so lets use this post to comment in the references:
art movements
philosophical concepts
key artworks


nuno said...

ok first suggestions, in no order whatsoever:

Alan Turing


Ben Laposky

Thomas Pynchon

Cedric Price

Gilbert Simondon

Crick & Watson

Carlos Infantes said...

John Cage
David Tudor
Arnold Schoenberg
Erik Satie
Robert Rauschenberg
Jasper Johns
James Joyce
Franz Kline
Isamu Noguchi
Morton Feldman
Max Ernst
Claude Debussy

nuno said...

Reyner Banham

Luciano Berio

Vito Acconci

Maturana & Varela

Herbert Simon

Nam June Paik

Gaston Bachelard

Heinz Von Foerster

Norbert Wiener

Ludwig von Bertalanffy

John Von Neumann

Arthur Drexler

Richard Feynman

Carlos Infantes said...

Abject art
Abstract Expressionism
Art Informel
Arte Nucleare
Arte Povera
Body Art
Conceptual Art
Environmental Art
Feminist Art
Kinetic Art
Land Art
Neue Wilden
Nouveau Réalisme
Optical Art
Performance Art
Pop Art

Carlos Infantes said...

Uta Barth
Donald Judd
Do-Ho Suh
Rachael Whiteread
Sofie Calle
Rebeca Horn
James Carpentier
James Turrell
Richard Serra
Pablo Palazuelo
Jorge Oteiza
Andy Goldsworthy
Damian Hirst
Luise Burguoise
Abbas Kiarostami
Anish Kapoor
Jean Claude Cristo

nuno said...

Marshall McLuhan

Richard Dawkins

Claude Shannon

Brian Eno

Marcel Duchamp





nuno said...

Marvin Minsky

Rodney Brooks

Hans Moravec

Seymour Papert

Hans Jenny

nuno said...

Konrad Zuse

Rene Thom

Ilya Prigogine

John H. Holland

Stuart A. Kauffman

Ivan Sutherland

Daniel Hillis

Stephen Wolfram

Craig Reynolds

nuno said...

"machinic phylum"

"plane of consistency"









"logical atomism"


Carlos Infantes said...

Francisco Alonso
Reima Pietila
John Maeda
Ben Fry
Rene Magritte
Kazuo Shinohara
Parviz Tanavoli
Parvane Etemadi