Saturday, July 14, 2007

3d voronoi - patio

Here is what we ar doing now, for the Osuna project.
we are dividing the courtyard into smaller spatial cells and assigning a certain density of points to each one of them depending of certain parameters that have to do with the program requirement, light and privacy issues between the different uses that share the space.
then we run the scrip to generate a 3d voronoi, and finally we extract surfaces or volumes from that road map to generate each element needed in the space.
I will post the result of the patio in a week since we have to submit it.
and then you will see, but for now, here is the generic and previous exercise


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Dirk said...

Did you write the 3D voronoi script?
Do you know if there are any available plug-ins for rhino that can generate 3d-voronoi?
Sorry, don't know much about this stuff.