Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Algorithmist

look at what the mr. Brett Steele has just drop in his blog

The Algorithmist
is a resource dedicated to anything algorithms - from the practical realm, to the theoretical realm. There are also links and explanation to problemsets


nuno said...

this is one of those resources that will most likely become huge soon.

i wonder what could be the ways to expand the sections that deal "directly" with geometry. in other words, how could this growing knowledge be translated into a geometry manageable by architects...

nuno said...

by the way, have you checked on, also via resarch, this one:

Carlos Infantes said...

Yes, I had seen it a couple of days ago, but the images where not so fascinating somehow. when you look at the process it is much more interesting and resamble a lot the generating grids used by Escher.
I think what is interesting for me is the interaction rules in order to make the patterns, since this would be an important factor in our prototyping adventure. so far is a very simple exercise based in edge compatibility (see Chapter 1 of his thesis:

later it would be good to stablish more complex relationship to create the patterns, since we would expect to use a variable module as the result of the algorithms.