Saturday, March 25, 2006

Running a .py script

Nuno, Pepe,
before I can run the prefuse tool I need to search the web and find the stress relationships between the words in a matrix form.
In the Douweosinga site for mapped web there is a script called that I am trying to modify to search names,
I have modified the PATHEXT of my computer to run .py files and I have tried to run it from msdos, but I have no idea how to get it to work. I have also tried to run it by changing the file to a .sdm with no better results
any suggestions?


nuno said...

my first guess is that you would be better off if using python to begin with:

but i'll try to see if there's more to it later

nuno said...

i think you might also need vpython:

(it is 3d oriented, so it might have lots of potential for other things)

Carlos Infantes said...

I am using vpyton ... and is working
I will post some results soon
thank you