Sunday, March 26, 2006

Making a new nature

Thinking of last night film by Theo Jansen
here are his beasts

... and followign his links: Sodarace, a fascinating page for AI and GA in the construction of virtual robots
... and Ben hopson's foam motion design
... and (this has no end) Tim Prentice's kinetic sculptures - also check Ned Kahn´s Tecnorama facade


nuno said...
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nuno said...

we definitely have to give more attention to all these guys, and this kind of work, soon...

this is almost a kind of a category in its own right, that can't really be reduced only to the "kinetic" aspect.

"making a new nature" is a good definition to start with, it could be good to extend it a bit more when possible. probably, there are not many works dealing with this kind of subjects, which makes it even more motivating.

the last two people have some works that are really beautiful, we'll need to get more information on them