Monday, April 17, 2006

back to it

I have had some time to think about the process, after discussing in detail with Nuno and David last week. Here are some thoughts on our subject.

At this point we have three main research lines that have to come together some time during the process:

Pattern Formation. Needs to be developed within the frame of genetic algorithms through rhino-script or other friendly scripting software. The starting point being the sdkies series, but moving quickly into crossbreeding and mutation. Ultimately we would need our own software to recognize the patterns from intuition.

Mapping, based on the information visualization technology, to be able to filter the patterns according to various variable requirements. This is a critical issue. It represent the breaking point of the current approach to design (is about choice in chance). We need to visualize lineages and extremes in each range. First step “Memeping”. For this it is critical to be very good friends with arrays (who would have said it)

Prototyping, which has to be taken from now on as the goal instead of as the instrument. We need to understand the current state of the prototyping industries, and its potential. Who is prototyping, what, materials, shortcomings, etc…

I think we can organize a second attack to the three issues in the next month in order to have a coherent body of work for the starting point of the media lab proposal. I suggest the following organization.

YiMei, you could take a look at the prototyping world
David, you should keep working in the mapping tool
I will continue with rhino scripting.
Nuno and Pepe will keep feeding us info.

Everybody should keep doing what they are doing in any case, since this is going great.

Nuno suggested to divide the blog into thematic blogs as the info becomes denser, or to try a wiki-site, any suggestions?

At one point soon I am going to finally open the web site so we have a face while we keep this as a nice and healthy brain.

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