Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spatial Interface Conference

It was fun.
Lots and lots of information, ideas, projects, ramblings, good and scary stuff, and even a few deliciously grumpy diatribes.

difficult to highlight the most relevant, but here goes:

first, check out Beau Lotto. "Abstracting systems, such as the brain, from ecology is meaningless."

at SIAL they seem to be touching on almost everything;

in this unit, films are the context, in every sense, of architectural projects;

Pete Silver set some robots roaming free;

John Frazer said everything must go. including him, apparently to here.
more on this later...
he spoke about some really mind-boggling issues. one was this: construction with no drawings, no specifications, just a fully parametric, ultra-detailed 3d model;

Ian Borden: how the car is the most technically intense interface in the everyday, and its interior the most adjustable of all architectures;

Jason Bruges & Co have some good work;

Dr Watson, D. Greene and Jon Goodbun were also good; and it ended really good, with a high-octane pataphysic-inspired, delirious and intricate presentation by this guy.

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Carlos Infantes said...

it really seems like a fun weekend
i am digesting but let's get together and comment on the whole "post-digital" experience