Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Here are some preliminary images from rhino scripting. With an auto generator of sdkie algorithm, there are multiple solutions with any predefined parameter surface, from orthogonal grid to deformed and rotated curves. Magnitude of curvature/waviness is a matter of overall scale and could be adjusted by a specified factor.

sdkie_one perspective

sdkie_one elev

sdkie_two perspective

sdkie_three on two



nuno said...

Yimei, this seems a promising effort.
I wonder if it would be possible to make the code available, when it becomes further developed.

To help on this, I'll start a list of some resources on the net regarding rhino scripting and the like.

yimei said...

thanks for the organizational effort. those sites I have been thru and am still digesting. hopefully a more developed code will be available soon...