Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The concept of the design is based on cellular automata. It creates a self organised growing mesh where the designer is able to directly interfere with the running design by changing parameters and positions of the structural nodes. A computer simulation model was programmed in Java, using 3D API to visualize the design state in three dimensions. The resulting mesh is fl exible and manipulable, allowing it to adapt not only to the user defi ned parameters but also to contextual elements.

And here is the final product.


Anonymous said...

This is really getting close.
It is surprising the simmilarity with our sdkies.
I think this is a great work.
We should get in touch with them

yimei said...

I am starting to learn script on processing and rhino. There is sth interesting I found also under the reconstructivism website under Rhino dotNET Voronoi diagrams. I think this could be another concept to do the sdkies and ultimately in a 3D way.

Carlos Infantes said...

Irma is still developing physical model sdkies, and they are looking great.
I will post some images soon.